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EMS Internacional

Send your items to the four corners of the globe with a world of advantages. To see the EMS International Network, click here.


Guaranteed delivery to the world's main destinations, always with excellent deadlines: up to 48 hours for main European Centers; 2 to 7 working days for remaining destinations.

Customer Service

Allows you to obtain answers to all your questions about the EMS service or item’s expedition, with a simple phone call, fax or e-mail.

Service Options

Two modes of service are available depending on your requirements:
Occasional - sporadically and in small quantities;
Contractual - when you need to send things regularly, you can benefit from a special price and invoiced payment.


Insurance included in price to a maximum value of 10Eur/Kg for all items sent through this service. Additionally, all customers can choose a special insurance, with the maximum 12.500Eur/parcel.

Special Services

Home Picking*


If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the shipment will be available for collection within 10 working days at the post office that matches your home address. If you want to make a dispatch, please consult our vast network of delivery points.


In case non-compliance with the service level agreement, for reasons attributable to CTT Expresso, the amount paid for the service by the Customer will be reimbursed.

Track & Trace

Using our computerized tracking system it is possible to locate your item anywhere and anytime.

Always at hand

EMS International is at hand at any of our 600 Post Offices and is currently present all over the world, through a network covering 220 countries.

Shipments are submitted to the aplication of the Volumetric Weight calculation. 

* Exclusive picking for Contractual Customers.