Registered Mail


When your correspondence requires safe and personalised delivery, this is the right service.


Registered Mail is part of a wide range of special services that can be linked to Ordinary or Priority Mail so as to ensure additional safety and personal delivery.


As it is handled individually, Registered Mail is constantly monitored. It is therefore one of the safest ways to send important items and documents or correspondence.


With a view to increasing the quality of our Registered Mail service, CTT has started to install an advanced technological system - Track and Trace.

Tarifário 2012


Correio Registado

Escalões de peso Preços
Registo Simples Registo em Mão Registo Pessoal (a)
[Até 20g] 1,70 € 2,00 € 2,80 €
[20g a 50g] 1,80 € 2,10 € 2,85 €
[50g a 100g] 1,95 € 2,30 € 3,10 €
[100g a 500g] N/A 3,05 € 3,75 €
[500g a 2Kg] N/A 5,40 € 6,00 €

(a) A este preço acresce o aviso de receção

Pré-Pagos Registo em Mão (a)

Escalões de peso Preços
Formatos DL e DP (até 20g) 2,00 €
Formato C5 (até 100g) 2,30 €

(a) Sobrescritos pré-pagos

Valor declarado/Seguro extra

Escalões Preços
Até 500 € 2,80 €
Mais de 500 € a 1 000 € 5,60 €
Mais de 1 000 € a 2 500 € 14,10 €
Mais de 2 500 € a 5 000 € 28,00 €


Track and Trace System

This system, also known as SIREP (*) within CTT - Correios de Portugal, permits the tracking and tracing of registered mail through a constantly updated online database.


The SIREP system uses a bar code which holds information on the registered items thus allowing quick tracing and checking of status at any time.


With the SIREP system, our clients will be able to check the whereabouts of their Registered Mail at any time and establish for example, whether or not items have been delivered.


This investment in the latest technology will bring many advantages to our clients, such as:


Access via Internet


Better quality of information given to customers


Improved access to information


Faster information


Better customer service

Special Services

Advice of delivery


Insured value


Personal delivery




Standard of Service

Mainland Portugal

Delivery on the working day after acceptance

Azores and Madeira

Delivery within two working days after acceptance


  • Safety and additional control
  • Separate handling
  • Compensation in case of theft, total damage or loss of mail
  • Personal delivery
  • Proof of posting at CTT
  • Collection of signature at point of delivery l
  • Exclusive packages for Registered Insured items
  • Exclusive delivery to the addressee in person, at the sender¿s request
  • Cash-on-delivery
  • Single identification number for each registered item
  • All of Portugal covered

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